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go to the Taiwan Experience on Amazon The Taiwan Experience is a trilogy of books on Taiwan's peaceful evolution from dictatorship to democracy. Read Book One: The Seeds of Democracy here in either Kindle or paperback format. Part 1 of Book Two is available here. You can also read the Introduction here for free, or watch the introductory video here for an idea of how the series began.
go to True Tales of A Traveller True Tales of A Traveller is a series of several dozen travel, adventure, and misadventure stories covering over three decades. You can read the first story here for free, the second story here, or watch the introductory video here for an idea of how the series began. The 11th story in the series, Solid Gold, Easy Action, is available here.
go to True Tales of A Traveller All my written work is priced such that I make no profit on sales. However, if you'd like to first get an idea of what it is you're buying before ordering a paperback or downloading an e-book, please feel free to read any of the excerpts available here....
go to Various visual arts things (traditional media artwork, digital design work, photos, etc.) by Alix Lee on the artwork sharing site DeviantArt. 由 Alix Lee 創作並分享在 DeviantArt 藝術網站的各式視覺藝術,如傳統的媒體藝術, 數位設計及拍攝作品。
go to Alix Lee's Viewbug page Just the Alix Lee photos currently on the site Viewbug. About 450 shots; various different subjects and countries. 目前Alix Lee的攝影作品在攝影競賽網站Viewbug上約有450張包括不同主題及國家的照片。
go to Alix Lee's 500px home page A selection of Alix's photos of various subjects from various locations over the years is available on the photography website (currently over 600 images). Alix Lee過去數年來累積的攝影作品, 包括各種不同主題及地點的照片都展示於500px.com攝影網站(目前有超過600張作品)。
go to YouPic Similar to the 500px collection, but not identical and more comprehensive (1,000 pics)...和500px的收藏相似, 但是並不完全一樣而且更全面的 (1,000作品)。。。
go to Public Domain Pictures Hundreds of public domain images, including over 40 traditional media images, all free for re-use without restriction. More than 20 million views and over half a million downloads. I now also have an account at Pexels (1,000 4 megapixel+ photos) 幾百個公有領域的照片及藝術畫作, 包括超過40個傳統媒體作品, 都可以無限制地免費使用。 超過 2,000 萬次觀看和超過 50 萬次下載。 我在 Pexels 也有一個帳戶(1,000 張 4百萬畫素以上 照片;超過一百萬次觀看)
go to the Love for Mountain Hiking channel The Love for Mountain Hiking series of (Chinese language) videos is a part of Fabulous Formosa, but can also be viewed separately on YouTube and elsewhere. The first four videos in the series are already on YouTube.
go to Alix Lee's You Tube channel My videos are available on YouTube, and Flickr. Currently, they fall into three main groups; Martial Arts (mostly kata), Photography & Image Editing, Art & Design, Hiking Trails, and Book Promotion, with about 40 on YouTube.
go to Taiwan Insider A no-holds-barred, no-punches-pulled critical look at life in Taiwan, with special emphasis on life in Taiwan seen from the perspective of the foreign national resident there.